Lung Ultrasound

Much of the text in this section is based on Daniel Lichtenstein’s book ‘Whole Body Ultrasonography in the Critically Ill’. Whilst I have tried to make the text my own the credit for it must go to him. I would encourage anyone interested in intensive care ultrasound to get this excellent book published by Springer (click on the image):

I must also thank Giovanni Volpicelli and Luna Gargani for the advanced teaching they gave me which really raised my game.

These pages incorporate the recent consensus guidelines for lung ultrasound:
International evidence-based recommendations for point-of-care lung ultrasound. Intensive Care Med (2012) 38:577–591

A good introductory course for lung ultrasound is run by the Intensive Care Society.

All the images and video clips have been obtained by me from critically ill patients.

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